Kiln Dried Hardwood

SPECIAL OFFER OF 20 NETS OF KILN DRIED HARDWOOD (OVER A TONNE BUILDERS BAG) FOR ONLY £125 Our pricing is straight forward we sell per netted bag and the more you buy the better the value:

  • 1 to 5 nets are £7.50 each
  • Over 5 nets they are £6.95 each
  • Over 10 nets £6.50 each
  • Over 25 nets £6.25 each
Our kiln dried hard wood logs have an average moisture content of 15% meaning not only are they ready to burn straight away on all fires but will give a clean burn with the ultimate heat output as the energy that is given off is heat where as in wetter logs the energy is used to evaporate the moisture in poorly seasoned wood/logs. As on our delivery page we will offer you a convenient time to deliver your wood 7 days a week with early or evening slots to suit. As well as using these top quality logs on wood burners, multi fuel stoves,open fires, they can also be used for pizza ovens, BBQ’s , chimineas and firepits.